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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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  • Wanees Ali
    Wanees Ali

    Ima take your advice and travel to the Philippines. Wish me luck.

  • brownieboiii

    Get rekt Palestine

  • Jesse Pitoni
    Jesse Pitoni

    I still have no idea what critical race theory is like what's going to change were getting rid of the history topic ¿black history? I honestly don't even think black history was what this topic was called in my history class

  • Anthony Banks
    Anthony Banks

    29:30 go there

  • B L
    B L

    So what nobody is saying about this is what is the political affiliation of the people causing the disturbances?

  • Kedar Anavkar
    Kedar Anavkar

    Nice video mate.. Salute from India

  • Hannu Vepsäläinen
    Hannu Vepsäläinen

    "the fishes" is wrong, the plural of fish is fish!

  • Akbor Fotografie
    Akbor Fotografie

    Kosta for president!

  • michael carter
    michael carter

    Why is the law racist? I’ve yet to actually hear a liberal articulate why black people are at a disadvantage simply because of their skin color.

  • Chyna Mane
    Chyna Mane

    the ticket went for 28 million..........

  • Michael Gustavson
    Michael Gustavson

    "69 the 4th" Best Marketing Slogan

  • Giveit Allyougot
    Giveit Allyougot

    "I'm a millennial, and don't like labels" "You just gave a label to say you don't like labels"

  • Gary Loayza
    Gary Loayza

    As a sailor, I’ve known of the Southern Ocean for at least 7 years. The characteristics of the ocean below the 40 degree latitude line are unique to merit the name “the southern ocean.” I think other organizations have recognized it as its own ocean for decades.

  • Raj Jawa
    Raj Jawa

    The only further divide at this point is a civil war.

  • Dorio dos Santos
    Dorio dos Santos

    The the divisive games begin.

  • A Pove
    A Pove

    That’s crazy

  • _ Lexian
    _ Lexian

    69? Nice! Common! it's Internet tradition folks.

  • Milay LL
    Milay LL

    You always nail it, Trevor!

  • Brandon Davidson
    Brandon Davidson

    Trover: "They're also probably pretty racist" Me: *looking at those "Whites Only" water fountains from 50 years ago*

  • Chouaib ZOUBIR
    Chouaib ZOUBIR

    "Religion is the one thing that never calmed any situation when there is a clash!" I paused the Video, I clapped, repeated the sentence, stopped the video again and clapped again! The reason why I paused and repeated the sentence is that I've never heard such hard and yet true sentence my entire life, but the reason I clapped is for your courage Mr.Trevor Noah, your courage to address the elephant in the room! All what you have said so far is true, from the beginning to the very end. It is a topic that is so hard that it makes the conflict even stronger! I am Muslim, Algerian Man, who really is getting tired of all the hurt that is happening in this world... My voice is weak but I do hope that over time it will get stronger! Your Voice is already strong and I salute you for speaking on the behalf of any of us! Thank you Mr.Noah!

  • Bide Taggle
    Bide Taggle

    The Bitcoin global ledger (also called the blockchain) is public and immutable. Therefore it is highly traceable as soon as you can label addresses owners, on the contrary of fiat money that relies on an archaic system where some institutions have the power to conceal/tamper ledger information from other parts of the population. This is exactly one of the main points that made it a revolutionary technology. If you want to educate yourself, you can simply browse the official community website instead of being 10 years behind the common technology knowledge. Concerning a privacy oriented project there is the Monero blockchain but I guess you'll be ready to talk about it in 2030 😆

  • Rekha Gokhale
    Rekha Gokhale

    Tesla ... Don't even get me started on Elon Musk. He is the epitome of a child with too much power who don't care about anyone but himself. Ugh 🙄

  • Hito157

    Respect to Trevor for pronouncing 'Latino'!!

  • joka464

    It's not acceptable but unfortunately this is not unusual behavior.

  • Quetzal 3eu
    Quetzal 3eu

    Have you ever been in a P4 lab?

  • Nkunz'emnyama

    Nelson Makamo🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • Taurus Ellis
    Taurus Ellis

    The question isn't who is responsible? The question is what is your responsibility?

  • Rachael P.
    Rachael P.

    She has an amazing spirit and her energy is inspiring. There is no gift greater than the knowledge we can get from those that have been here before us, and have truly LIVED. I pray I make it to her age and that I have her kind of light energy. I can only imagine what it would be like to spend a day with her.

  • John Mathew
    John Mathew

    When are you planning to get back into the studio?

  • JoeWolsing

    2657 thumbs down. Tells a lot!

  • Tran Chan Phong
    Tran Chan Phong

    The unadvised lan timely raise because chocolate presently multiply under a rough broccoli. odd, cooperative coat

  • Richard Workman
    Richard Workman

    Allegedly: Including Alabama was a brazen attempt by Wannabe-King TeeRump to secure Federal hurricane relief funds for the State. It was little more than a 'payback' for their unwavering support of his campaign. Why do you thing Mo Brooks spoke the words he did at Wannabe-King TeeRump's rally just prior to the Jan. 6th inssurection attempt on the Capitol. Want the truth? Follow the money people! Brooks was willing to steal funds from those States that truly were affected by the hurricane and would be in dire need of Federal financial aid, in order to help gain his own reelection and that of Wannabe-King TeeRump! Mo Brooks is 'for sale' and POTUS 45 is always willing to use someone else's money to buy!

  • nanda mari
    nanda mari

    Re Toobin story. Why talk about what he did on the air? And have a woman tell the story? Also, I’m not eating any food HE’S touched. 🤢

  • Robert Baldwin
    Robert Baldwin

    We can defund education with no problem but we can't defund the police

  • Tran Chan Phong
    Tran Chan Phong

    The rebel weasel genomically return because turn externally lock atop a calm throne. soft, zippy bass

  • Thomas83KO

    3:43... Even our European cities in the medieval era roughly till the 18th/ early 19th century, weren't that bad! This stinks BTW, my chlorine experience in the drinking water on the road trip through the USA, makes so much more sense now! Just remember, the right of clean drinking water has become a human right... So......

  • hunters king
    hunters king

    So blessed but can I ask why now that you have millions why you don't buy her a big home?

  • Khayelihle Frank Buthelezi
    Khayelihle Frank Buthelezi

    Not cool

  • Filip Portman
    Filip Portman

    Poor fellow. He's being treated like he's a real criminal for doing what everybody does in private! Community service, is it for real?!!!

  • Raspedi Onizuka
    Raspedi Onizuka

    how is it in the greatest country in the world i wonder xD the "sane" half of your country has my condolance

  • Dolly Madison
    Dolly Madison

    1:45: He's saying alot of things that maybe we're thinking or want to say". Yeah...that's the thing. He's just one big d.bag. it's been heart wrenching to discover that there's THAT many bizarre people with whom we share a country. "The more bizarre he gets the more ppl seem to like him" WHY? Bc ppl like others who are like-minded. He makes it normal to be as disturbing as can be...beyind the Imagination if most of us, Infact.

  • Shane Clark
    Shane Clark

    Trevor nohah isnt funny

  • markus jones
    markus jones

    So what he starts his day off with a yank on the old noodle,,, he is only human,,,its most peoples favorite past time sport

  • S G
    S G

    6:35 We can all **snicker** at Toobin... but I'd be a hypocrite for shaming the man. 😆😜

  • Ian L**
    Ian L**

    I think Trevor means the Earl of Wessex is the royal that most people forget.

  • David Sawh
    David Sawh

    Wow but trump is the devil.

  • Randy Lee
    Randy Lee

    We can not re-elect president Trump eiyh all the phony media criticizing him

  • Mike Hosier
    Mike Hosier

    I wish Trevor and the daily show would release the comedic "commercials" as stand alone ISnets videos. So many little segments this airline commercial I want to share with people but I know they won't sit through the whole 10 mins to get there.

  • Randy Lee
    Randy Lee

    that. See Obama has a clip on here, talk about an idiot. Worse president ever

  • Tiernan Wearen
    Tiernan Wearen

    History is written by the winners and other lies you can tell yourself

  • Hoong Lik
    Hoong Lik

    Bunch of audiences who laughed at at guy who was arrested for revealing the crimes of their country!

  • human exe
    human exe

    Swami viv-ek_anand

  • Sue Spinks
    Sue Spinks

    Curious to know the political affiliation of the cop callers . I bet I know

  • human exe
    human exe

    I'm Indian so tru

  • binomalia

    Fact check: Sanders wants to turn *down* the thermostat. Not up.

  • Ann Ritter
    Ann Ritter

    I swear, your name should be "Treasure."

  • brandon b
    brandon b

    This man is a disgrace. What a 🤡

  • Ronnie Spiler
    Ronnie Spiler

  • Babbabuey

    Like CNN with Trump, the media is an absolute clownfest.

  • TheMiddleClass TAXSLAVE
    TheMiddleClass TAXSLAVE

    Is there anybody left that doesn’t believe the corona virus came from the Wuhan lab of virology ? I mean … except for Dr Fauci! 😂

    • TheMiddleClass TAXSLAVE
      TheMiddleClass TAXSLAVE

      Yup, Trump was right AGAIN! MSM trying to deny the SUPER DUPER WOOPER OBVIOUS! Lol

  • Rohitha Sree
    Rohitha Sree

    Get Elon musk to fix this before he uses up more intelligence for shuttle to the Mars before the earth is more healthier and justified.

  • Hunter Morris Jr
    Hunter Morris Jr

    USA-Mexico has always been like that

  • Johnny Quest
    Johnny Quest

    These are the people who were frustrated with staying home or even wearing a mask out in public at the beginning of the pandemic. These people really believe that society should allow them to be this rude to people who work in these conditions. These workers are doing us a favor by working during the pandemic giving us the freedom to buy what we want so why not give them the benefit of the doubt and be courteous?

  • Charli Ray
    Charli Ray

    I hope I run into Trevor on the street one day soon

  • Михаил Сергеевич
    Михаил Сергеевич

    democracy doesnt exist anyway

  • Jim Settecase
    Jim Settecase

    When he said, "Hello, would you like a piece of fruit?" he should have been holding a BANANA! Missed opportunity!