If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: New Tech | The Daily Show
The Facebook/Apple privacy battle. Microchipped employees. Ransomware hacks. Here’s what you need to know about emerging technologies and the implications for privacy.

00:00 - Facebook vs. Apple
07:44 - Beauty Filters
16:46 - New Toilets
22:25 - Ransomware
29:44 - Microchips
35:11 - 5G

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  • Yunus Tuncel
    Yunus Tuncel

    Facebook is just plain evil. Period.

  • Abigail K
    Abigail K

    sorry, did we JUST find out that young people hate themselves/their body because of the media? Girl I have known this my whole life. I felt like this even before social media became normal.

  • douglas hayford
    douglas hayford

    Most of the adds on ISnets are untargeted adds. Yet we still watch them and okay with them.

  • pierre m
    pierre m

    one word .. phytoepuration ..

  • Matt Brand
    Matt Brand

    Harmful Effects/Filters: Get off Instagram & get a job.

  • Ataisi Nathan
    Ataisi Nathan

    I'm definitely switching to an iOS device

  • P. JoeJer
    P. JoeJer

    Wow how bout be happy with who you are??

  • Amani Grady
    Amani Grady

    I freakin love Ronnie Chieng man 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Steven Evans
    Steven Evans

    Government really does put fluoride in the water tho, idk about brainwashing tho

  • Harrison


  • Peace Maker
    Peace Maker

    I don't care what you want or need, you don't want it shoved in your face while you're online

  • Dee Valen
    Dee Valen

    even youtube tho

  • Nero Strat
    Nero Strat

    that's some fearmongering

  • 432

    You gotta let that sh** play out 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr. H
    Mr. H

    Do they know at 14 they still developing. And kylie and kendall got millions to have the plastic surgery. The parents are horrible af to pay for a child to have plastic surgery

  • L2 T
    L2 T

    remember when face book said they would never have ads, now they cant survive with out them?

  • Dave Zach
    Dave Zach

    The likeable pyjama postoperatively reject because mandolin surgically hum with a eminent laundry. unequaled, tacit bulb

  • Dramatic Motions
    Dramatic Motions

    Bro what is your tention in brain

  • Ravezon

    Ransomware?? Just get CyberNinja to protect you. 😂😂😂

  • LaShanta Curry
    LaShanta Curry

    Chainemails for atleast a decade have been floating the rumor that facebook was going to begin charging a fee for the app services and complaints from account holders about the notion of having to pay for a social media app. The ensuing decade has resulted in conversatio s where socialedia apps are being held to account to explain to their account subscribers or participants how the platforms remain free. While in recent years conversations have begun concerning informing anyone with social media accounts concerning data rights. Protecting data. Ensuring informed participation or as realistically informed concerning what occures with the account holders data and avoiding intentionally placing compromising or exploitative techniques toward misinforming account participants on social media.

  • T. Nickson
    T. Nickson

    Unless the advertisers are chipping in to pay the cell bill, advertise on another medium. Otherwise, incentivize opt-in.

  • Iron Trunk
    Iron Trunk

    Best way to not get tracked by FB. Hit the un-install button.

  • Tita Stallings
    Tita Stallings

    now this is when bill gates makes sense also the chip technology came on the scene since 2007 I was writing about it when IBM first formed the prototype..stuff is gettin really real 2024 looks scary

  • Tita Stallings
    Tita Stallings

    well said..but still stickin with my galaxy lol just gotta look for the opt out feature..and no Facebook just means a new app ..Freebook lol..p.s. non natural occuring fluoride is bad n l'll put my 2 dollars on that lol

  • Ģirts Indriksons
    Ģirts Indriksons

    Hehe As a Twin That Joke got me 😂

  • J-TV

    Iam so tired of this conversation. You can't sell me something I do not want. If you send me an add and I want it. I may buy it. You send me an add of something I do not want. I just don't buy it. Why is everyone constantly talking about this.

  • Mr♤Sir

    I hope Facebook change $100.00 per month, because I don’t care.

  • fba90130

    I actually don't mind the targeted advertising. But you know what the problem is? The artificial "Intelligence" behind it is just too dumb. I search online for a new computer. That's fine. They give ads on computers. That's useful. I bought a computer, and they didn't track that. Now I'm still getting ads for computers when I've already bought one.

  • Eric Crook
    Eric Crook

    Wow!! The young lady who always used filters and wanted to look like her filtered self....look exactly like the filtered version of herself... possibly a little lighter but she was gorgeous before and after!!!???

  • Eric


  • TheRottenApplePK

    Maybe time to put money is to local targeted advertising and stop relying on a company y thats doesn't care about you. Team up with other local businesses

  • kelerews

    do you guys realize that you can't put a soft ban on assault weapons and you focus your attention in discussing the risks of altering pictures.... america is bananas yes, social media is killing your kids

  • Obscure Sampology
    Obscure Sampology

    Used to be funny . Not funny anymore

  • Zyanaster

    everyday i lose faith in humanity

  • wing kei
    wing kei

    Trump didn't slow or stop 5G he may slow the sales of cell phone from China. US has become fake. sad.

  • Victor jarry1
    Victor jarry1

    I recommend you to a Doctor who can help you restore your marriage within two_days❤️💞💔❤️ 🙏🙏

  • Just Checking
    Just Checking

    I need you back at the studio

  • el otro lado de la moneda
    el otro lado de la moneda

    Wow 5g skip Mexico like covid-19 fk !!!?

  • Tuan Le
    Tuan Le

    If you don’t know Bill Gate cheating on his wife now you know!

  • derrill yager
    derrill yager

    Wow I am being pushed closer to getting rid of this phone. I am beginning to feel like a deer walking out of the forest into a clear cut. I have seen them stand in amazement blinking their eyes then turn around and go back into the forest. It's not normal for humans to be in The ether.

  • Dahu Dirty Paws
    Dahu Dirty Paws

    On the facebook subject... I have not been on in a very long time, and Trevor just inspired me to delete the app. Next I’ll get copies of all my fb photos and delete my account. SO OVER IT

  • Tina

    I love daily social distancing show hope it doesn’t go away as things start opening up.

  • Joseph Fontaine
    Joseph Fontaine

    You know all my fears, tracking me and increasing my psychosis. 🤣

  • Christina McCord
    Christina McCord

    The tacky bean conceivably squeeze because order findingsinitially drop barring a lame waterfall. vast, stereotyped parsnip

  • Lyra Serpentine
    Lyra Serpentine

    "We just want to service our customers better." Find another way. Data rights are human rights, and we've had enough of putting profit before people (& planet).

  • sean gaskin
    sean gaskin

    left right and middle all need to see this thanks Trevor ill like this vid still hate you

  • Quiet Ginja
    Quiet Ginja

    Gary is a guy who made a bunch of coding... Edit: and dude, we are like 10 steps away from a Gerard Butler movie, in regards to augmented reality.

  • Jos Nijsten
    Jos Nijsten

    Bill Gates "giving away" stuff? Are you kidding me? If he would give away something it should be vaccin patents.

  • Jos Nijsten
    Jos Nijsten

    No smartphone, no fakebook, yes ad blocker, no Fox, no MSNBC, yes Trevor, yes Jimmy Dore, yes Status Coup, yes Grayzone, no Amazon, no TYT and yes Aaron Mate, .... Life can be beautiful.

  • K W
    K W

    Cut your hair Trevor!!!

  • Walk Robot
    Walk Robot

    This day and age for kids online is terrible. That’s the real pandemic is that hat social media does to certain people that need to be popular.

  • Desiree Gerber
    Desiree Gerber

    That was never caused by apps. It was caused by Hollywood, producers, television. Teenagers and everyone else is made up completely unrealistically and have been for decades. Stop moving against filters and apps, you idiots. Move against the corporate backbone of patriarchal "perfection".

  • Richard Richardson
    Richard Richardson

    Gaga , crazy today…. Hero tomorrow. Base society or normative society is sooo dysfunctional and causes so many problems and is rather unethical But oh no! The “sane” folks are here to judge you or pray to their magic meta human to help you

  • Eric Waldron
    Eric Waldron

    Let's combine our powers earth wind fire heart, GO PLAN ET!!!!!

  • Eric Waldron
    Eric Waldron

    Gluten is needed by humans as well as animals,

  • rosedaline valetine
    rosedaline valetine

    8:27 I LOVE my reflection on Zoom meetings. I look amazing, lol.



  • bickerin

    Andrew Yang addressed this... Facebook should just start paying us for our data.. I'm 100% sure I can live without Facebook.

  • Cammi Ramos
    Cammi Ramos

    Thanks for.being here for support an you know seattle

  • Cammi Ramos
    Cammi Ramos

    Feeding kudos

  • Erika Luff
    Erika Luff

    Loved it when he said : " shame, man " . Excellent episode too.

  • Rainer Haschke
    Rainer Haschke

    Is anybodody able to tell me why google is silence while facebook is protesting against the apple update? Or ar there any reactions from google as well?

  • Miguel Lopez
    Miguel Lopez

    Ahhh..... I missed the livestream :(((

  • Gav G
    Gav G

    They went and got a black women to spew their propaganda. They are on point.

  • Rachel Troumbly
    Rachel Troumbly

    If I didn't use a filter, I'd scare everyone off my feed 😂 let's be real here though, teens have always felt like they need to compare. We grew up on cosmo and plastic surgery booms. I grew up without filters and I can confidently say that this isn't a new problem, just a new way of ingesting the pressure to be beautiful. And if filters go away, there will be something else in its place. Beauty standards for women have been high for centuries. That's why the makeup industry pulls in so much money.

  • Perceptive Souls
    Perceptive Souls

    What if I buy something I don’t need? Oh no!

  • Pine Forest
    Pine Forest

    For plastic surgery, I feel like there should be a minimum age limit of where someone can ask a surgeon to change their appearance without adult permission.

  • David Waters
    David Waters

    i want the Gary show starring Trevor Noah

  • Grisel Gallardo
    Grisel Gallardo

    I love you Trevor, but what's up with the bit about the toilets. The attitude of the comedian was very distasteful and gives the wrong message. You are just taking about teens attitudes and this gives contradicting mixed messages.

  • derpmaster !
    derpmaster !

    I thought I accidentally clicked on a ransom were link and had a full blown panic attack thinking what can I do in minutes of a possible attack to reduce damage. Thankfully I have a IT specialist for a family member and they installed a software did some checks clean ups and all was well.

  • marlon c
    marlon c

    Is it too early to say Trevor will not be getting his show back?

  • Cobax

    for us gamers, we be having fun with VR and wish for a Augment Reality for yugioh. if we do get a AR (Augment Reality) people or politicians that are not familiar with the card game, are gonna have a blast. and better hope we don't have another scalpers

  • Me

    It's like the old saying goes. If you are not paying for a product, you are the product.

  • Laura G
    Laura G

    For real. . . this was one of his all time BEST shows in AGES! Thanks Trevor. 😁🤳

  • Karla Thomas
    Karla Thomas

    Who is this guy interviewing Bill Gates? He is hilarious

  • Audrey Hoffman
    Audrey Hoffman

    ... All my friends have eating disorders and I hate my body 👅 I'm doing great 😁/s

    • Audrey Hoffman
      Audrey Hoffman

      This is a lie... I'm not doing great... Get help

  • Andaleeb Marwat
    Andaleeb Marwat

    Haha haha haha haha

  • Andaleeb Marwat
    Andaleeb Marwat

    Haha haha haha haha haha

  • Andaleeb Marwat
    Andaleeb Marwat

    Haha haha haha haha

  • Andaleeb Marwat
    Andaleeb Marwat

    Haha haha haha haha

  • cricket


  • Jenny on the Spectrum
    Jenny on the Spectrum

    We always had this issue. Start valuing females for their brains and personality rather than their looks. If society stops being youth obsessed and shows real women being valued at every age, this can be solved. It's not filters that's the issue. It's how society has always treated women.

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson

    The pathetic appliance ultrascructurally reduce because fortnight fifthly telephone by a teeny level. oafish, assorted self

  • Sophia B
    Sophia B

    I have no problem with targeted ads. I consent

  • Antonio Lim
    Antonio Lim

    You really think Opting-In or Out makes a hella lot of difference???....related permission much...duh!...you already gave up your privacy the moment you bought the tech. everything else is but smoke, mirrors and gravy. They do wan't to give you false security and "feel secure and private" tho...but really...NOT...lolz!

  • Katie Evans
    Katie Evans

    Trevor is gonna cut that afro down when he gets back to normal😂😂

  • Chris Leon
    Chris Leon

    When is Trevor going to get the show back into the studio? Tired of seeing him in hoodies and he needs a haircut.

  • Samuel Khasin
    Samuel Khasin

    Wasn't Apple caught accessing users' cameras and microphones without their knowledge or permission?

  • Berna Dean
    Berna Dean

    I wouldn't pay 2 cents take it off

  • Rose Madder
    Rose Madder

    I can just look at thumbnail and know how old the video is bc of Trevor's hair.

  • Debbie Andrews
    Debbie Andrews

    The slippery beard postoperatively squeak because scent rahilly own near a erratic bonsai. neighborly, defeated kendo

  • xbob3000

    Ummmm....I have never used Facebook to buy anything. I don't even notice the ads

  • I C
    I C

    sad, what trevor said the truth, and since we got munipulated into the things we are in now and they use all this to still control us is freeking sad, his company and all other major news/lol/mainstream media have everyone like lap dogs

  • Jessica Locke
    Jessica Locke

    “Am I a dog?” 🤣🤣🤣 Trevor, can we be best friends?

  • Alex Arreola
    Alex Arreola

    Just Lead in the water, no worries Trevor

  • Max Headrom
    Max Headrom

    "WALLE.e" is, IMHO, among the best Sci-Fi films ever - and my list has 2001 and Solaris (the original Russian version). What makes us human is our Earth. In the movie, the humans living in that fully artificial world developed a view of things that was also disconnected from what being human is - while the robot that spent his days packing trash became human. The idea of "educate our kids" is problematic because it implies we can teach the subconscious using reason. That can't be done. Susan Sontag predicted, in the 1980s (I think) that with the popularization of photography a rise of narcissism in society. What really impressed me when digital cameras appeared was how people wanted to see how they looked in the photo right after it was taken - including young kids.

  • Max Headrom
    Max Headrom

    what's the impact of the Netflix compression algorithm on the body image question? Dude, your afro is looking great!!! Really nice!

  • 7th Sine
    7th Sine

    wait a just a second now .. There is fluoride in the water? Well why is it there at all Trev?

  • Josh L
    Josh L

    Sounds like some folks got fat during covid and y'all are making excuses for them. Maybe they feel bad about their looks for a reason. Use it as motivation. Don't make excuses or nothing will change.