Cicadas Invade, Billionaires Avoid Taxes & A Florida Yearbook Bans BLM | The Daily Show
Cicadas wreak havoc up and down the East Coast, a bombshell ProPublica report reveals just how little billionaires have been paying in taxes, and a Florida high school pauses distribution of its yearbook because of two pages on the Black Lives Matter movement.

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  • The Logic Party
    The Logic Party

    It’s a bit odd on the year book thing, but its tru blm has no place in schools. I would object if the kkk or Taliban had a page in tv e yearbook too.

  • Dr. James Olack
    Dr. James Olack

    Many people think it’s easy to get by on $800,000.00.....well, it’s not! I’m just saying...

  • lily boone
    lily boone

    Bowing down to the racists? Sounds like they're in the orange cult, like gatez

  • lily boone
    lily boone

    My grandparents always paid the most they could on their taxes once they were financially stable, they felt it was their civic duty. They had enough money to get out of it and they knew better. :(

  • lily boone
    lily boone

    In Texas, I can't tell if I hear the cicadas the bugs are so loud!

  • Opal Hughes
    Opal Hughes

    The idiotic moustache quickly slap because brown minimally suggest about a cautious thrill. gleaming, uninterested quiver

  • Mencari Rutinitas
    Mencari Rutinitas

    Cicadas teh dimana?

  • Andrew Rockwell
    Andrew Rockwell

    You know, if we replaced the income and real estate taxes with flat sales tax or VAT it would apply tax on what people spend, not what they make with weird rules. So when the billionaire wants to buy anything they are paying their share, equal in portion to the rest.

  • garrett kozlowski
    garrett kozlowski

    I hate this carpet head

  • moreleftistsneeded

    seize the means of production. eat the rich.

  • DaPlug 26
    DaPlug 26

    You guys wanted to Joe Biden 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Adam Kalb
    Adam Kalb

    This is why we might want to raise taxes for the rich (at least if they have larger incomes), and convince the richest people why they can live without a few billion dollars that will help the American government. Taxing wealth (don't go there) _might_ narrow the wealth gap between upper class and lower class families. If you can legally avoid taxes through stocks and real estate, and you can afford accountants to make you look poor, then congratulations on discovering secrets to escaping death and taxes! I know the richest people in the world could fund research that can help them to not age if they wanted to never get older. June 13, 2021, 3:06pm Edit: If I became a billionaire, I would fund anti-aging research, but I would also choose to not live so expensively - not to have accountants or homes that make me "look poor", but because I want to have money to spare for the American government to pay off our national tax debt, and maybe someday, my actions to give the government more money will help to deflate taxes and gasoline prices for everyone else.

  • Captain Emeritus
    Captain Emeritus

    “Buy a man eat fish, he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime. J. Biden

  • Android Minutes - New Android Games Everyday
    Android Minutes - New Android Games Everyday

    They didn't ask Chevrolet to comment on this incident, I'm disappointed in the journalists.

  • Salt One
    Salt One

    The quirky dash prospectively box because sunflower oddly hurry upon a spooky pisces. far-flung, dull ocean

  • Florian Alibeaj
    Florian Alibeaj

    The TAXES avoid the billionaire $$$

  • Makgoka Lekganyane
    Makgoka Lekganyane

    Trump is exonerated everyday,,, I guess he was right when he says to his supporters that it is not him they want , he is just-on their way…

  • Paul Kachur
    Paul Kachur

    Those are not cicadas, they are 5G transmission nodes. Is it any coincidence that they waited until so many Americans were already vaccinated?

  • HenryManson

    oooh Florida... imagine asking for an "opposing viewpoint" here in germany, if a school does something to fight racism! 😬 does that mean there should be a page "pro brush beared dudes"?!


    No one can become rich by sincerely paying the tax😏

  • HenryManson

    How is "the rich dont pay taxes" shocking anyone?! it was clear & an open "secret" for centuries! its only expensive to be poor!

  • Pete Dog
    Pete Dog

    Every 17 years I have an excuse for all of my problems.

  • Ghostly

    So, let me get this straight... People who doesn't need money, are paying no taxes?...

  • Source Jedi
    Source Jedi

    Rutt Ro, Trevor just said blue lives don't matter. Lol

  • Tyler Durdan
    Tyler Durdan

    That bug was trying to take that pollutant out.

  • Chenjerai Magara
    Chenjerai Magara

    They're a delicacy in other parts of the world...tastier than crickets

  • Theodore Nelson
    Theodore Nelson

    Dude Trevor, you really need work on your jokes. I say that as a loving fan.

    • exclusivesuperblend

      You need to work on minding your business...

  • Bernard Lamanepa
    Bernard Lamanepa

    Cicadas are eatable in Asian, why you American afraid of it?

  • James Lee
    James Lee

    We knew they get excessive tax breaks but paying absolutely no tax? That's rediculous Wanna know how things like hot dogs are made read Upton Sinclairs 'The Jungle' I read that 2 times when I was in jail and was a vegetarian for almost a year after I got out.

  • ZZ Shopper
    ZZ Shopper

    This was Pastor Tim Dixon's prophecy about the flies would hit the corruption hotspots in DC and Cali is next.

  • Sara Cisneros
    Sara Cisneros

    Should've made a John Biden --> John Cicada (Secada) joke 😂

  • Phenyo Moonking
    Phenyo Moonking

    its the china seed

  • zirak93 - 2
    zirak93 - 2

    That end was so true. Those parents should indeed be ashamed

  • Dominick Taylor
    Dominick Taylor

    Every 3yrs we get a bombshell reminder that billionaires don't pay taxes.... Then everyone shrugs and goes about their business because nothing is going to happen.

  • Princess Koko
    Princess Koko

    That car accident would’ve been me. I regret nothing and bugs of any kind scare me to tears 😭

  • Utopia Light
    Utopia Light

    The child tax credit is nothing, Bezos just got 10 billion to fund his new spaceship while paying 9 billion to buy a movie producer.

  • Diego ibarra
    Diego ibarra

    Behavior nino

  • A Mazur
    A Mazur

    "Hard times, Jeff"

  • margaret G
    margaret G

    ...and that ending is on Mary had a little lamb!

  • dido modesto
    dido modesto

    "wake me UP before you go go" Cicadas starter sound.

  • Alex Bestoso
    Alex Bestoso

    Dying for my right to bear arms. And I'm happily doing it

    • dragongirl89115

      Sadly the medical science behind grafting bear arms to a person has yet to reach it's full potential, but you keep fighting for it! Now what kind of arms are you interesting in? Personally I'm into Grizzly Bears myself.

  • Rebecka G
    Rebecka G

    Thank you :-) We should all feel personally attacked while laughing. Your such a gut punch comedian, thank you!

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Don't pay more than Traitor Trump's $750 tax. Add a note that you will NOT pay more than Traitor Trump does. Where are the loopholes for the majority?

  • P&F Information History Channel
    P&F Information History Channel

    Is trevor Noah even an American? If not why are you constantly talking about our country? Why not expose your wack country,because no matter what goes on in America you immigrants can't stop copying us.

    • Natasha G
      Natasha G

      Sorry to break it to you, but all countries are whack in their own ways. The struggle is real everywhere.

  • Pratik Narkhede
    Pratik Narkhede

    Oh I thought pulitzer prize is some global level thing and not confined to USA only.

  • 6th Face Comics
    6th Face Comics

    The opposite view to Black Lives Matter is Black Lives Do Not Matter.

  • Marc Kloosterman
    Marc Kloosterman

    Funny how they're not including trump in the list of tax evading billionaires 🤔 Maybe he's not really a billionaire?

  • Allan khad
    Allan khad

    mic drop on this one! well said!

  • David Pimienta
    David Pimienta

    I'm from the West Coast sooo can't Relate!!!!

  • DelecateDesert Flair
    DelecateDesert Flair

    I don't understand. I own a house. That's my wealth. It doesn't generate an income. I pay taxes on that house every year. How is it that isn't taxed like a house...every year?

  • Coors light
    Coors light

    Blm is a joke

  • Thomas Dixon
    Thomas Dixon


  • Lost Pony
    Lost Pony

    Look in a history book OR current news.

  • Kern Nelson
    Kern Nelson

    Can I charge them 1000$ a bottle of water when they run out.

  • Childofearth

    Remove free speech money. All it does it help the rich buy our politicians.

  • Rana Banik
    Rana Banik

    Trevor just mimicked Obama to express Biden... lol

  • J E A Z
    J E A Z

    "We TaX iNcOmE, nOt WeAlTh" where did that wealth come from? cuz Elon and Bezos can't have wealth come in if its not income0ing....

  • Journey

    Everybody should pay taxes. Point, blank, period. If the Rich paid taxes this country would be so much more beautiful. Think parable about rich man wanting to follow Jesus but not willing to give up his earthly wealth.

  • Beatrice Someone
    Beatrice Someone

    Why is it, america seems to have more nazis then germany holy moly.

  • Kish1006

    I hate them. They are everywhere.

  • k b
    k b

    Do we expect anything different from FLORIDA?!

  • k b
    k b

    Tax. The. Wealthy!

  • Big Joe S.
    Big Joe S.

    I wonder if Mansa Musa paid taxes?

  • J D
    J D

    Mic drop at the end

  • Gershom Koinei
    Gershom Koinei

    03:33-03:51 The most profound commentary in United States politics.

  • Stern Robinson
    Stern Robinson

    The more you have the less tax you pay, the less your wage the more tax you pay. Fair system?

  • omnigeddon

    If these billionaires paid taxes like they are supposed too.. school would be safe and modern.. and headed to the future.. instead these guys are headed to the future without us.. leaving the whole planet vulnerable from space 🌌 to doom

  • chile9615

    Remember: The Capital Gains Tax of 40% only affects you if you make more than $400k per transaction or $400k a year

  • LedWolf7

    How do the most famous and wealthiest people in the world not have their own personal auditors? Like a guy come up every year, “mr. musk it’s time to pay your taxes, we know you have more than enough”

  • Meme T
    Meme T

    I be like the guy that crash cause of the cicadas. Once i saw a spider in my car i refused to drive for awhile

  • Daly Shorts
    Daly Shorts

    Opposing that black lives matter... Do these parents even know what they are saying?? Or are they openly r*cist?

  • Jean Faulds
    Jean Faulds

    The repulsive pimple metabolically permit because belief additionally bounce between a near mountain. freezing, glib rainstorm

  • Marco Antônio Rodrigues Faria
    Marco Antônio Rodrigues Faria

    Vou mandar o UFOS visitar Todos estes Políticos aí .viu 🤣🛸👽

  • Joshua Americanize Evans
    Joshua Americanize Evans

    the term WHITENESS IS very offensive and racist BLM is a domestic terrorist organization that has destroyed lives and a self proclaimed marxists/communist organization It's more than alright to be white and it isn't at all wack to be black but we together will overcome the big lie of the left/communist as United Washington post Facebook NBC MSN and CNN are reporting misleading information oh PBS too the government is currently trying to make our culture a communist/socialist

  • Eclipce051

    So I have a question for the greater audience. Which states had slavery institutionalized, and which states had the opposite direction?


    And that's what the trumptards still don't understand. The opposite of black lives matter is black lives don't matter. Perfectly said.

  • Miss. Danni Tiger
    Miss. Danni Tiger

    1:27 XD 4:00

  • gabz groove
    gabz groove

    When will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris condemn Hunter Biden's use of the nword? When do the BLM marches begin? When does #Cancel Hunter trend? When do the NBA, NFL, and MLB boycotts start? When will the DNC disavow Hunter?

  • Beyu Snow
    Beyu Snow

    Aren't students in charge of putting together the year books?

  • Monique Sanders
    Monique Sanders

    No American should escape paying taxes.

  • Donna Gjoka
    Donna Gjoka

    Advice for Biden ..keep your mouth closed if some insect do not bother. Inside . .. or fremouare 👖 .


    Deep cuts

  • Puzekat Meow
    Puzekat Meow

    Oh only yearbooks have to be fair and balanced, but not the news channel.

  • Divya Kallil
    Divya Kallil

    They ain’t in our yards, we in their yards. They the land lords of the land lords. Mean land lords but still land lords

  • Ben Chits
    Ben Chits

    a b c Hunter brokered sales of Oil fields in Russia to China directly with Putin

  • Chilonga Mwenda
    Chilonga Mwenda

    I wonder how much Trevor pays

  • Kamil K
    Kamil K

    Black Life Matter opposing mean KKK view.

  • Jypsy with_a_Jae
    Jypsy with_a_Jae

    I like how the reporter speaking on the yearbook got a lil spicy with the “hmmmm”. ✊🏽

    • Make It Make Sense
      Make It Make Sense

      That was awesome

    • Hypnotic Delta
      Hypnotic Delta

      Lol right. I was hoping Trevor would mention that...Awesome by that reporter

  • HHunting_ Trolls
    HHunting_ Trolls

    the rich not paying taxes? thats how they stay rich and many other ways

  • Lynn Panadero
    Lynn Panadero

    Warren Buffet told us this 5 years ago. He said that we needed to change this.

  • HHunting_ Trolls
    HHunting_ Trolls

    that cicada needs to sued 😂

  • John-Daniel Martin
    John-Daniel Martin

    Tax avoidance is different from paying no taxes

  • Alternate Streams
    Alternate Streams

    "The opposing view of Black lives matter is not Blue lives matter or All lives matter but Black lives don't matter and you don't need a year book for that, you need a history book." Trevor Noah

  • Galaxy 3000
    Galaxy 3000

    blue lives matter? tell me how many blue lives get gunned down in America for driving a car. all lives matter? out of all these lives, how many has to face the wrath of discrimination?

  • Wondje Elizabeth
    Wondje Elizabeth

    Biden is such a cool grandpa

  • Satopi3104

    And yet they double tax Americans living abroad who gain their income from a foreign company in a foreign currency and that money has nothing to do with the US. I pay an extra 9000 dollars a year in taxes between the taxes I pay in my foreign country (which already has a higher tax rate than the US) and the taxes I still have to pay to the US. It’s messed up.


    "Just look in a history book". Trevor said a mouthful with that one!

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist

    2:11 😟 Um... Warren... why are you embarrassing progressives? We're supposed to be pointing to you as a sign that it's possible to be rich and _not_ averse to paying taxes.

  • Iwky

    F for the people who didn’t know rich people don’t pay taxes, Bernie S literally was shouting this in every speech, I don’t even live in America

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