A Deep Dive Into The “Raw Water” Craze | The Daily Show
Desi Lydic investigates the dubious health benefits of "raw water" with the help of Live Water CEO Mukhande Singh and food safety expert Marion Nestle.

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    Does he have the rights to that spring?

  • Zig Zagman
    Zig Zagman

    Raw water, germs and all ..

  • Larry Truelove
    Larry Truelove

    I work in the municipal water treatment industry. What we call “raw water” smells like fish and it can give you hepatitis and cholera. It’s green because it has algae in it.

  • Electric Church Media
    Electric Church Media

    “The government puts fluoride in the water to prevent tooth decay.” I stop listening to anyone who says this, because I have yet to meet anyone whom keeps their jaw closed to filter the water through their teeth when they drink.

  • keff

    C'mon, he looks like Jesus. You wouldn't be mean to Jesus, would you?

  • Mr. Mata
    Mr. Mata

    I need to sell raw air

  • Mr. Mata
    Mr. Mata

    People are such sheep lol

  • andrewthezeppo

    I'm actually shocked that this is even legal to sell, seems like the FDA should step in. Imagine what would happen if Dasani just sold untreated water from a random spring in the woods.

  • Deborah Holland
    Deborah Holland

    Yeah, not drinking ditch water..

  • Terry R
    Terry R

    And the his guy is selling water? I guess there’s a fool born every minute

  • Hypurr FPV
    Hypurr FPV

    There's a sucker born every minute. We have at least 75 million of them. Trevor, about time to put on some clothes, get a haircut and go back to work.

  • faust Love
    faust Love

    Hey everyone!!!! I live in the country....I have a well with a pump. You can come fill your empty 'raw water' bottles for $10. Line forms at the old oak tree that was hit by lightning in '05. See ya there!😁

  • Jeje Here
    Jeje Here

    The military minister inevitably rain because roadway trivially scare alongside a willing cousin. prickly, steadfast guilty

  • Bernd Borte
    Bernd Borte

    The 19th century wants its money back for installing plumbing everywhere around the world.

  • Somwong Bulipsurt
    Somwong Bulipsurt

    Clearly someone never played Oregon Trails

  • Stephanie Green
    Stephanie Green

    Raw water is an excellent way to lose weight. My uncle drank raw water from a stream in Mexico. 6’4 offensive lineman in college. Weighed 160 lbs. when he was released from the hospital 6 weeks later. Typhoid is not your friend.

  • Sprinkles The Cat
    Sprinkles The Cat

    I prefer medium rare water

  • Sprinkles The Cat
    Sprinkles The Cat

    Lol, it must be fun if you drank raw water in mexico

  • H. A. L.
    H. A. L.

    I think there is a legitimate scientific market for selling water that isn't full of estrogen.


    Where Huntah? Where my ni@@ah at?

  • Eric Muschlitz
    Eric Muschlitz

    I clicked on this thinking one of the people on the thumbnail Was Brian May from Queen.

  • Vishnupriya Anand
    Vishnupriya Anand

    This trend: exists Cholera: this is free real estate

  • im Savage
    im Savage

    title should be how to destroy your business with one interview

  • Cas

    It was already reported that the water that hippie is selling is tapwater. Its a scam

  • Stephanie Echard
    Stephanie Echard


  • Max Karr
    Max Karr

    So here's the question. Does this guy actually believe the bs he's spewing, or does he just understand there are idiots out there who will buy it and he just has no ethical morals?

  • Tom M
    Tom M

    It's like the one dude who lives in a cave says "everyone should live in a cave" not understanding that cave would get pretty full pretty quick pretty filled up with junk from everybody. Everybody's going to try and go out and get this raw water it's going to turn nasty at these places real quick.

  • Right Now Rouge
    Right Now Rouge

    1 jug of raw water: $22. A quick hike down a path to a creek: free.

  • peter anesu
    peter anesu

    people are mad, remember not long ago people would buy processed products because doctors and scientists say it's healthy and fully optimized. Now everyone is running back to natural unprocessed foods.

  • afkar ansar
    afkar ansar

    All you really need to know about this guy is his real name isn't Mukhande Singh (shocker), it is Christopher Sanborn (shocker)

  • takeflight

    Dr Nestle???...the Nestle family has a horrific relationship with fluoride poisoning (truly manufacturing waste)...look up Nestle stealing community water or decades convincing impoverished countries nto to nurse their babies and buy formula....All for science, but from that line of human's...Hell no! I'd at least change my name if in her job.

  • Chien Yang
    Chien Yang

    Although Marion Nestle has the educational qualification to discuss water safety, bio-weapons are also developed by the people with similar educational background as Dr. Nestle.

  • Jeff Heyer
    Jeff Heyer

    To drink water straight up, you need to be super high in the mountains, and even then I would I use a pump filter or iodine.

  • Diego O' Land
    Diego O' Land

    Raw water?! I'm going to sell raw air. Who wants in on the ground floor of this groundbreaking trend in breathing?

  • Imaginary Friend
    Imaginary Friend

    One word: Cryptosporidium

  • Faith Mei Hui
    Faith Mei Hui

    When we go hiking, me and my dog, whenever we get to a stream, he drinks and then pees in it.

  • 0755575

    Nothing like a little dysentery to help you shed some of those unwanted pounds.

  • Well Cabledriller
    Well Cabledriller

    I will stick with lab tested well water from a well constructed properly, see Md. building code

  • Betsy Burton
    Betsy Burton

    The ratty theory consequently pump because needle summarily brake inside a clean lift. depressed, marked rain

  • Vasco Apolonio
    Vasco Apolonio

    Americans want free speech just to con other Americans. And they are all very pleased with themselves... Kkkkkkkk

  • doing the right thing
    doing the right thing

    Let's give more seats to Democracts to get the job done

  • Jota Be
    Jota Be

    Buy it and Boil it! 😂😂😂 Americans are Crazy!!!!

  • Jeweled Bird
    Jeweled Bird

    I once drank from a mountain stream. I'd been told by a Girl Scout troop we'd met while hiking that the stream was safe to drink from because it had water striders walking on top of it. I now realize that I'd been playing Russian roulette with my health.

  • Andrew Budd
    Andrew Budd

    Another ruse from the wellness industry to dupe people into buying the same thing you get from your faucet. Booo.

  • rrs

    If it weren't for bacteria, some people would actually be completely devoid of culture.

  • Redbone Unincorporated
    Redbone Unincorporated


  • Reanetse Moleleki
    Reanetse Moleleki

    Her last name is Nestle. I'm just sayin'.

  • jarto törnroos
    jarto törnroos

    The name, Mukhande Singh, on a white long haired hippie, should tell everyone whats the deal here is?

  • Kathy Holloman
    Kathy Holloman


  • Grubiantoll

    Guy making a bank by selling unprocessed water. Nice

  • Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth Moore

    Ask those kids in third world countries just how nice raw water is...

  • Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth Moore

    When you get giardia or a nice little parasite Im sure you can afford to sue...

  • Kurt

    Mukande- Where bacteria, ignorance, and cholera converge.

  • Kurt

    Did that first dude interviewed have botox mainlined thru the carotid artery to the brain. Creepy says it all.

  • Kurt

    If I didn't know the context or only hear the audio, my first thought would be Rahway- -New Jersey.

  • Joseph Yang
    Joseph Yang

    Isn't this a repost?

  • Ndirangu Gichuki
    Ndirangu Gichuki

    Up next, I'm going to start selling Raw Air 😒

  • LazyGamerX

    Advancing so much but yet degressing even farther.

  • Michelle Jarvis
    Michelle Jarvis

    Getting sick from "raw water " is the reason China and Asia in general drink tea and Europe and Britain drink beer and wine. Fermentation and boiling water for tea made drinking safe, otherwise you could die. Ancient peoples didn't drink raw water if they could help it. I'll take mine cooked, thank you.

    • Jota Be
      Jota Be

      isn't Britain no longer part of Europe, Also????

  • Dean G
    Dean G

    Getting morons to pay top dollar for nonsense is a phenomenal American pastime. I love it.

  • Canoe Fishing
    Canoe Fishing

    Half of the population appears to be in constant search of a con man to give their money to

  • Crimson Sky
    Crimson Sky

    Real title: Conspiracy theorist sells poison

  • Sam Mmy
    Sam Mmy

    Is this like real?????

  • Diego Sánchez
    Diego Sánchez

    Today in "Americans will buy anything"

  • mia jones
    mia jones

    If you ever feel like your the dumbest person in the world, just watch this.

  • Tsukulu Taoana
    Tsukulu Taoana

    Trevor mfana, haiiii

  • Jeff Colar
    Jeff Colar

    Yeah just raw dog the drinking water…

  • captain beaver_man
    captain beaver_man

    Pretty sure this is why dysentery used to be so common.

  • Cara Biner
    Cara Biner

    The emperor has no clothes...... *wanders off to refill glass of tap water*

  • Rich M
    Rich M

    How much does nestle own? Riiiiight.

  • Conor Bowen
    Conor Bowen

    I don't know what everyone's complaining about, I tried raw water and lost 18 pounds in 48 hours

    • Joan Bowden
      Joan Bowden

      Oh mannnn, u broke my record! All I had to do was go n2 a deep coma for 5 days & I lost 17 lbs!

  • xLost

    Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury do not approved for this. #dualsurvival


    These white people are coming up with trends that people all over the world were already doing. It's funny how they like to profit off of another culture. I'm born and raised in Ocho Rios Jamaica and I can tell you that we have been doing this water thing for many years.

  • Karen Woolsey
    Karen Woolsey

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” PT Barnum.

    • Tiger474

      There is no evidence that PT Barnum actually said this, but it is a little entertaining that of all the quotes that could be falsely attributed to someone, this quote about people believing everything they see is one so widely misrepresented XD

  • Wandering Knight
    Wandering Knight

    Lol ..man i swear it’s like people want to be scammed..raw water..lol..I wonder what Michigan thinks of raw water..lol..

  • koayogi

    Expert not knowing the difference between spring water and stream water.

  • Hector Cedeno
    Hector Cedeno

    Too much Raw water!

  • Hector Cedeno
    Hector Cedeno

    Raw water?! Wait till you get Cholera!

  • Nils Lanthemann
    Nils Lanthemann

    please mark reuploads in the title. It's annoying to fall for another reupload

  • Lilly Lee
    Lilly Lee

    Let me guess who buys into this 💩 trump supporters, vaccine haters, bible bashers and Facebook fake news fans.

  • Tanja since Felicity
    Tanja since Felicity

    Probiotics as in: bacteria from the rotting corpse upstream? Cool.

  • Jayson Gaoiran
    Jayson Gaoiran

    The coherent bank neurologically tickle because driving coronally flower out a secretive certification. better, ethereal sister

  • nonofyourbusiness andleavemealone
    nonofyourbusiness andleavemealone

    This is a sketch, right?

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez

    "Hastag: NoFilter" takes on a whole new level ROFL

  • Triv Ial
    Triv Ial

    We all know that live water is the new product for "Brawndo" The Thirst mutilator. It's what your body craves.

  • dicky doodle
    dicky doodle

    When i was a kid in colorado we enjoyed drinking the pristine mountain stream water for years...untill i nearly died

  • Mcporkyporkster

    I had to Google about this as I thought the whole thing was made up as a joke

  • Friendly Bane
    Friendly Bane

    This is basically white Americans trying, but failing, to get some kind of culture. "Mukhunde Singh." Hilarious.

  • Nicholas DeVries
    Nicholas DeVries


  • D P
    D P

    her disease list was pretty short en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterborne_diseases#Protozoa

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans

    Seems like idiots have too much money and time on their hands.

  • Charles W
    Charles W

    the third page of Google was too much for me

  • Judy

    I want to watch that punk drink a whole 12-ounce glass of that(wonerful clean spring water)right now. he'll be in the bushes 5 hours later with dysentery.

  • bmcgar

    Americans love charlatans. Look at "a certain" political leader.

  • Roxie Marquez
    Roxie Marquez

    This video just reveals that there is a whole group of people who have never played Oregon Trail and died of dysentery.

  • OmniscientlyMe

    The USA, where people will pay several times more for untreated drinking water than gas because someone used buzz words.

  • Gainstrup

    You like your water RAW ???? Well come to Denmark then, we dont treat our water here, if you drink anything but tap water here,,,,,, you are a idiot.

  • fetts

    I truly hope he goes to prison.

  • Ace Rimmer
    Ace Rimmer

    Raw water can and almost always carries all kinds of nasty surprises like giardia, if you every have it you will never want it again. There are some that are life threatening like cholera and typhoid fever. Also don't forget that those cute little forest animals go to the bathroom somewhere which always ends up in the creek or spring. This guy reminds me of Mordecai Jones the flim flam man. Only an idiot would follow this nut job.