Ted Cruz, Elise Stefanik, Proud Boys: Who’s Who on the Far Right | The Daily Show
Ted Cruz. Elise Stefanik. Alex Jones. A bunch of angry dudes who won’t masturbate. Here’s a look at who’s who on the far right.

00:00 - Ted Cruz
09:25 - Elise Stefanik
14:26 - Alex Jones
19:58 - Why Is The Alt Right So Angry?

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  • Don Robertson
    Don Robertson

    If Anne Coulter hates him, he can't be all bad.

  • Cosmo Genesis
    Cosmo Genesis

    Cruz is so gross. Ugh.

  • DC R
    DC R

    Very funny. Also check Triumph the insult dogs spot on TC. It's a gem

  • Petter Tran
    Petter Tran

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  • Charles omega
    Charles omega

    how these people still have jobs I will never know, A DISHWASHER would have been fired years ago

  • David Meyers
    David Meyers

    She's the epitome of a politician.

  • David Meyers
    David Meyers

    This video produced a few belly laughs.

  • C R
    C R

    Cruz looks Hispanic are you kidding how can he be accepted by the white supremacy groups. White supremacy...get it?

  • Alva Gonzalez
    Alva Gonzalez

    Alex Jones is not alt right nor far right he is a libertarian

  • David Haggard
    David Haggard

    Trump and Cruz…Typical weak men that allow trash talk about their families one minute and then willing bending over or on their knees in the next. Doesn’t say much for Texas if this is who they think is best to represent them.

  • Carol Wilson
    Carol Wilson

    Fled Cruz could he actually serve as President? He was born in Canada. If Obama had actually been born in Kenya he would not have been eligible.

  • geo bo
    geo bo

    It is difficult to watch Ted Cruz.

  • Daniel Masis
    Daniel Masis

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  • Jose Guzman
    Jose Guzman

    Que feo ted cruz con esa cara de caite y elise tiene cara como que quiere aser popo y no puede

  • Nerdenstein's Monster
    Nerdenstein's Monster

    Can we please stop calling them the far right already? This is the Republican Party (GQP).

    • Rocket thinking
      Rocket thinking


  • Jackie

    I wonder if Ted Cruz knows he’s a complete joke 🤔

  • Captain Kirk
    Captain Kirk

    Watching that segment of the daily show was comic gold!

  • walter guerard
    walter guerard

    to drain the swamp, do not re-elect any incumbents. research article 5 of the constitution, support the convention of the states.

  • Trav Anderson
    Trav Anderson

    Was TED Cruz's father really involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy??????? There has to be a reason that this pathetic excuse of a man is in power!!!!! It's not because of his talent, that's for sure....

    • Trav Anderson
      Trav Anderson

      And you ever notice that ever since nov.22,1963, education,talent,and love for our country and everyone in it,even the poor and destitute,was replaced by EVIL and WICKED ENTITIES in the job description of republican party.......

  • Isaiah Kennedy
    Isaiah Kennedy

    Nice comedy lol

  • Hector Macias
    Hector Macias

    Panocha Ted the slimiest weasel in the swamp.


    Teds not a man,,he”s trash!!

  • Ethan Weeter
    Ethan Weeter

    You know you are horrible when Ann Coulter and Peter King hate you.

  • Shadow Realm
    Shadow Realm

    This clown Ran for president but he is Canadian . He's is that dumb

  • Lost Chord
    Lost Chord


  • Nate Green
    Nate Green

    Say what? Did you say he was born in Canada? Oh no presidency for you Ted

  • random person
    random person

    Isn't he also the same guy that puts a raw ravioli noodle in a hot cup of water then eats it at the end of the day after the water is gone

  • Thom Paulson
    Thom Paulson

    Don't u love these puppets

  • Drago Milosevic
    Drago Milosevic

    Alex jones was right

  • Drago Milosevic
    Drago Milosevic

    Alex Jones (the man you dont know who he is) must be a threat if you're talking about him.

  • Valerie Harover
    Valerie Harover

    Maybe Trump is a "performance artist" too!

  • Shlok Chaudhari
    Shlok Chaudhari

    This gets better and better with every passing second

  • maya

    I wanted to puke from Ted Cruz buger, but I can't miss anything Desi. Love her too death 💖

  • Trustworthy McLegitimate
    Trustworthy McLegitimate

    Strangle them Pepes

  • Centurion K
    Centurion K

    Great storytelling and voice over. Loved it!

  • Master Adjuster
    Master Adjuster

    It's so loud when he takes a plastic fork to the bacon on the gun. You can take the boy out of the Harvard, but you can't take the Harvard out of the boy. lol

  • Gabriel Bradley
    Gabriel Bradley

    dude 12:50 what is WRONG with Trevor Noah these days? His behavior is bizarre, cringe, embarrassing, and otherwise unfunny. Do they have blackmail on him or something? It looks like theres someone with a gun to his head behind the camera. He effeminizes himself at least once a show. what white comedians are made to do THAT? "Castrate a people's men and you castrate the people. " Classic imperialism. It's a shame they got to him.

    • Drago Milosevic
      Drago Milosevic

      Biden bought trevor the moment he got his green card

  • ggn3

    Sad thing I must admit: Elise is the Representative of my voting district in upstate New York. Your description of her giving up her principles for the sake of power and hopping on the Trump Train is pretty spot-on.

    • ggn3

      @paula jo smith The party at the national level's struggled to make a message and vision relatable to rural voters and often prioritize attracting urban voters due to the greater population density and many in cities leaning Democrat. This creates a disconnect since it causes many in rural areas to think the Democratic party don't have their interests in mind, something that has been ripe for exploiting by Republicans in largely rural voting districts. It was what helped Trump edge out a win against Hillary Clinton in key battleground states for President in 2016.

    • paula jo smith
      paula jo smith

      Stefanik took a 180 and the idiots up here love it. Plus, the Dems here do not run a competitive candidate to oppose her, they ran the same loser in the past 2 cycles... Elise always has had the GOPs $$, the Dems write this district off.

  • Jose Melendez
    Jose Melendez

    Faces I wouldn't wipe with

  • Bezad S
    Bezad S

    Conservatives are mentally ill people, and therefore they must not be allowed anywhere near government jobs.

    • Drago Milosevic
      Drago Milosevic

      So you'd prefer everyone was an alt left antifa blm rioter who burns down buildings who doesn't know what gender they even are?

  • Rossen Townsend
    Rossen Townsend

    Psychopathic power grubbing politicians have always been able to put their finger on the pulse of what the base think a human being would say .And say that period . If you think that they've changed for trump you're wrong they were always like him and now they have come out because it's working...

  • Stephen Jenkins
    Stephen Jenkins

    Anyone you don't like is probably on the Far-Right tbh. Trevor Noah is an unashamed Uber Progressive that has that mentality. Not that there isn't a big issue with the Far Right in the Republican Party, of course.

  • Dezie Mccullers
    Dezie Mccullers

    BRAVO!!! I love to Hate Ted Cruz, he is universally Hated. It brings me great pleasure to know that, as Americans, WE can ALL Hate Ted Cruz, Together!!!

  • Fourth Horseman
    Fourth Horseman

    Trevor Noah has become such a cringe factory.

  • Lone WolfGamingPlus
    Lone WolfGamingPlus

    I didn't know who Ted Cruz was until he cruzed away from Texans..

  • Melly Rachman
    Melly Rachman

    I wonder what kind of people who voted for a disgusting and awful person like Ted Cruz…. …..

  • Claudia Skaggs
    Claudia Skaggs

    Sad faces.

  • Cecily Cornish PhD Leadership
    Cecily Cornish PhD Leadership

    He gave trillion tax cuts to the billionaires, the rich corporations, the his church cult members and the !5 of the middle class! So...how can he drain anything when he deep in it!

  • Joe Weis
    Joe Weis

    GOP Fascism IS REAL !!!

  • Marissa Dower-morgan
    Marissa Dower-morgan


  • The Mighty Sagetto
    The Mighty Sagetto

    Dude ...Desi is awesome IDC what she does she I always hilarious

  • Cre8tv Productions
    Cre8tv Productions

    TED Cruz mom's look when he said for hours killed me 🤣


    Thanks for my next tattoo idea. "Stop Hatin' and start Batin'"🤣🤣🤣

  • Nobody Knows
    Nobody Knows

    Trump didn't drain the swamp. He became the head alligator.

  • Matt M
    Matt M

    He was even revolting as a youngster

  • Thomas83KO

    I'm sitting here at my desk, reading a really interesting but also an old heavy book about the Sumerian language and try to figure out, how our view, through the language, shapes our view on the world... Being entirely exhausted... And my phone gets a push message, Trevor Noah uploaded a video... Watching this, relieved me so much! Now I'm able to go further! Thank you so much!

  • maarten verle
    maarten verle

    jordan peterson a leader of the alt right movement in canada? Common, thats unwarranted, the guy has some strong views on communism and the extremes of the left but putting him on the far right of the spectrum seems bigoted.

  • Ethan Rigot
    Ethan Rigot

    Your show is so trash.. where's the laughs?

  • Kai Pierce
    Kai Pierce

    Ted Cruz is so awful I liked a joke made by Lyndsey Graham.... That's bad.

  • Plo8monster

    ExFakepresident DJTurnip was gullible to Alex Jones BS .... He loves Alex ability to make people believe in conspiracies. However, his true Idol is Vince McMahon of WWE who gets people to emotionally react to fake drama. They are entertainers as were his attorneys Roger Stone and Roy Cohn and even Michael Cohen. And then there is Rudy. All of his influencers have been entertainment professionals, which is all DHTurnip really wanted for himself. But then Barrak Obama embarrassed him when Osama Bin Laden was killed, with a super witty brutal joke. He wanted to be respected as a socialite, as an elite. But they always shunned him as a petty person of no substance. Sensationalism (Tabloid sensationalism) was his forte and each day he was in office was a new sensation worse than the one 3 days ago and our new news cycle kept him as story #1 each and every day. This allowed him to play the media and then use it as fuel to pander righteous indignation to his base. Now they are trying desperately to prove some election fraud has justified Jan 6th. This is all going to make one helluva movie. I hope MGM makes it and Jeff Bezos releases the outtakes from "The Apprentice" to show who DJTurnip really is. Divide and add chaos was the formula to manage ratings for the show. Sound familiar?

  • Joshua Sweetvale
    Joshua Sweetvale

    Most people, even dudes like Trump and lunatics like Stalin, I can think of a single personality trait that could fix them into not-horrible people. Ted Cruz is just mediocre-awful in every direction on the compass. Unspecialized mediocrity and omnidirectional callousness.

  • JON R Wieszchowski
    JON R Wieszchowski

    Trevor Noah, you know him as a Loser who thinks he knows what he's Talking about when it comes to Politics. But, really he knows nothing about nothing. But, because he is Entertaining to Watch, half of America will believe his BULL💩❗

  • Baptized In Fire
    Baptized In Fire

    Stefanik, 2024 wanna be. Can’t run or even win for the GOP nomination if you are not crazy, needed to shift gears, got start campaigning soon.

  • Outcast of The Blue Fire Nation of Outlandia
    Outcast of The Blue Fire Nation of Outlandia

    So what if they're far right? You and your kind are Far Left Fanatic Bolsheviks.

    • Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
      Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

      @Outcast of The Blue Fire Nation of Outlandia the asininity in that comment is staggering. PS. Liking your own comment is utterly pathetic.

    • Outcast of The Blue Fire Nation of Outlandia
      Outcast of The Blue Fire Nation of Outlandia

      @Alle Warten Auf Das Licht No, I simply remembered the time when my country was occupied and colonised by the Soviet Union and the last thing I expected to see is America itself becoming like them. Well, all things change I suppose. Now it's only here in Central Europe where one can proudly say they are white and not deal with the failures of Multiculturalism and Diversity (Y)

    • Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
      Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

      Awwww. Poor snowflake. Did you shake your little fist as you typed that?

  • Felipe Lopez
    Felipe Lopez

    What's the name of the song that plays right after Ted Cruz said he was gonna run for president????

  • Shantelle Glab
    Shantelle Glab

    The round room corroboratively fetch because volcano impressively offer aside a feeble feigned skin. needy, purring product

  • Jane Eckardt
    Jane Eckardt

    Awesome (~);}😂🤣💕

  • Scott Bogue
    Scott Bogue

    You need to do a little better research on Chem Trails. Jet trails are a moister produced by jet engines that freeze in cold temperatures at High altitudes but dissipate in minutes as the ice crystals fall to warmer temperatures and melt. Chem Trails do no melt and stay visible for hours as they fall and blown about by the winds. They are very real and hazardous to all life. Do your homework!

  • Ksha GH
    Ksha GH

    Did she said that Ted Cruz was born in Canada.... So why was he running for the Presidency. Don't you have to be American born to be President.

  • Tracy Kingsley
    Tracy Kingsley

    If everybody hates Cruz so much, how does he keep getting re-elected?

    • Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
      Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

      Texas is full of people like him.

  • John M
    John M

    I miss John Stewart

  • Mdot

    That clip of his moms face is gold!!!

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez

    Nothing against mastirbation, but really!!!!????

  • Tetta Zwo
    Tetta Zwo

    Why hate Rafael Edward Cruz instantly? Well, it saves time...

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez

    That last one are you kidding!!!!!!

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez

    you are all in it, two sides of the same coin.

  • Durox Kilo
    Durox Kilo

    just caught myself hiding my eyes with my hands from that ted cruz clip..

  • PAL

    Ted Cruz is so repulsive 🤮

  • Christopher Farrell
    Christopher Farrell

    "Stop hatin' and start batin'" 😆🤣

  • Ben Kucenski
    Ben Kucenski

    Before voting for anyone, check their opinion on the Confederate Monuments. Ted Cruz, unsurprisingly, is a huge fan of them.

  • Kaelo3G


  • wolftmfg

    Such a cringefest that guy is. Ted Cruz that is. I’m convinced that he got stuck at 13yo emotionally.

  • Patrick Irishcharm
    Patrick Irishcharm

    Ted Cruz is the guy your dog growls at when he walks by , even animals don't like Ted Cruz ! 🙉😱😂

  • Wanda Pease
    Wanda Pease

    Stefanik discovered that she likes her Congressional paycheck. She doesn’t think she can get another job so she converted to Trumpism.

  • Kelleen Grimm
    Kelleen Grimm

    ONe more woman who obviously succomed to harrassment and black mail and who knows what else the Dt Org. did to subvert her conscience and turn her into a puppet.

  • Frank Tate
    Frank Tate

    You can't blame Ted Cruz for being an A hole in Congress. You have to blame the crazy and ignorant people who keeps voting him back in office!

  • Rubber Tree
    Rubber Tree

    Trevor Have you heard, you're AWESOME! Love your show!

  • Chee Xiong
    Chee Xiong

    Matthew 5:44

  • TheGamingPanda

    If you honestly think thier the far right your dead wrong. You should be talking about neo nazis the kkk and skinheads

  • 2bad4Heaven’s Doors
    2bad4Heaven’s Doors

    Everybody has a price 💰 If ya didn’t know what when’re down last four years? That was clearly a takeover of the US by the A brotherhood.

  • Queen2B to QueenIAM
    Queen2B to QueenIAM

    Why does his mama have to pray so much for Ted? Rhetorical question!

  • Rasmus Larsson
    Rasmus Larsson

    The 'Trump is an act' act cracked me up!

  • Tyghe Deerfield
    Tyghe Deerfield

    When I learned that Teddy was a failed drama geek, it explained a lot about him. He's always trying hard to be the cool kid.

  • he slni
    he slni

    if you don't respect the word fear

  • Tom Senft
    Tom Senft

    I used to like bacon...

  • Patrick Georges Louis Pierre René Doguet
    Patrick Georges Louis Pierre René Doguet

    Trump with that posh English accent is SO funny!

  • Big O Fan O 17
    Big O Fan O 17

    The Democrat voters have never been known as the Best and Brightest. This is an example of how you manipulate the ignorant. The Democrat battle cry, " Defund the Military" "Defund the Police" "Grab their Guns"

  • Anastasius102

    I feel like we keep saying "the direction Trump took the Republican Party." Like Trump is an aberration, but sure he is more open and not quite as a talented orator but he is just the sequel Reagan, who is the sequel to Goldwater. It's not like this is a new direction for their party, they are just more open about it these days

  • Deelola 52
    Deelola 52

    Ted Cruz so gross

  • Île-de- France
    Île-de- France

    Watch "Lauren Boebert Brings Cardboard Cutout Of VP Kamala Harris To Southern Border" on ISnets isnets.info/main/ZKGry4l3q3K2nbc/v-deo.html Meanwhile *Watchdog Calls for Investigation into Boebert’s Campaign Travel Spending* Government watchdog Accountable.US sent a letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting an investigation into Lauren Boebert’s exorbitant and questionable travel expenses from the 2020 election cycle. As reported in the Denver Post, Boebert’s travel expenses - *for which she reimbursed herself over $22,000 - raise serious ethical questions and demand further scrutiny.* *Boebert’s mileage reimbursement suggests she claimed more than 38,000 miles of travel as campaign expenses - the equivalent of driving around the entire planet, plus an additional 14,000 miles.* 👇 *Boebert Took Huge Mileage Reimbursements, Then Paid State Tax Liens* hillreporter.com/boebert-took-huge-mileage-reimbursements-then-paid-state-tax-liens-92276 *Boebert paid off nearly $20K in state tax liens in 2020 Delinquent unemployment insurance premiums dated back to restaurant opening in 2013 Less than two weeks before being elected to represent Colorado’s 3rd District in Congress, Rep. Lauren Boebert paid off the last of nearly $20,000 in state tax liens that had accumulated on her restaurant since 2016, records show. coloradonewsline.com/2021/02/04/rep-boebert-paid-off-nearly-20k-in-state-tax-liens-in-2020/

see you soon
1,5 m.
see you soon
1,5 m.