How to Lie on the Internet - Remotely Educational | The Daily Show
From social media and LinkedIn to online dating, lying on the internet can help you tell your story your way. Mr. Ronny teaches the only creative writing class you’ll need.

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  • Seimin Thangsei
    Seimin Thangsei

    I just realised i was alumni of Oxford😎😇🤣🤣

  • Caine K.
    Caine K.

    Wow this is amazing. Great episode idea!

  • Chucho

    I genuinely hope that aliens are NOT observing us, my face goes red thinking about how pathetic we are as a species. Fighting for likes....

  • Thomas Taylor
    Thomas Taylor

    you've still got it RC - keep on comedianing!

  • AL Johnson
    AL Johnson

    I'll admit... I say controversial things online just to read the comments and see debate rationale on either side.

  • Todd McKintyre
    Todd McKintyre

    This makes me want to play Age of Empires II 🖤

  • Srey Map
    Srey Map

    Me, raise hand, I still read. Love to read.

  • Zero Gaming
    Zero Gaming

    Ronny is handsome Yep u guessed it he paid me for saying that

  • Jabeen Kulsum
    Jabeen Kulsum

    Can we have a part 2 ? I really need such lessons

  • Erakel Willow
    Erakel Willow

    Thanks Ronny love you🥰

  • molchmolchmolchmolch

    I like a lot of Ronny's segments 😂

  • Rage Studios
    Rage Studios


  • Theo Jenner
    Theo Jenner

    This is why I hate LinkedIn

  • SlantedLand

    I literally just posted a pic of me reaching for the door of a parked Lamborghini countach today on ig.

  • Hatori Hanso 123
    Hatori Hanso 123


  • iam tenrose
    iam tenrose

    Waiting for Ronny's Netflix debut still 😊

  • TH Tee
    TH Tee


  • Chris Colum
    Chris Colum

    The meek client behaviourally trace because plastic presently phone since a murky geometry. green grey grieving, fresh bolt

  • Manjur Hasan Chisti
    Manjur Hasan Chisti

  • docfabz

    This is low key pretty accurate

  • Shad Rox
    Shad Rox

    What sort of failures try hard to impress strangers on the internet? I barely even tolerate people irl I have to deal with

  • Light Angle
    Light Angle


  • Gabriel Kincaid
    Gabriel Kincaid

    I suggest your next comedy special be titled " Ronny Chieng: Motivational Speaker"

  • Me Always
    Me Always

    I live these duo

  • lily boone
    lily boone

    Fancy bookshelf

  • Po' man fix it
    Po' man fix it

    There's something about this guy, idk, but I like him.

  • Tina B
    Tina B

    hahahah Ronny!!!

  • yodaisgod2

    Yet, some people think Bowen Yang is funnier.

  • Mamafrodite

    The 'uhn' for the question marks is gold

  • Josephine Thornton
    Josephine Thornton

    More creative writing humor, please and thank you.

  • Zebulous

    Calling it “creative writing” is brilliant. This dude cracks me up.

  • Memoryn

    Ronny's handsome smile gets me everytime. 🤣

  • srushti padival
    srushti padival

    We found MORE Racism.

  • theblueoceans1

    Does anybody know the title of the instrumental music at the beginning of the video? I know I've heard it somewhere before, but I can't put my finger on it and it drives me crazy.

  • Hisoka

    Sad, but true...

  • アンニ江戸川ヴァサリ

    hmmmm... i think i will start lying now with my profiles...oh wait...i already am! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Grace Musyoka
    Grace Musyoka

    The background music is hurt my ears tolisten. Gave up. Try to do better next time.

  • Neyaz Ahmed
    Neyaz Ahmed

    The last MSNBC bit made my day😂😂😂

  • Tony Mbondo
    Tony Mbondo

    So just lie😂😁

  • Brave Concepts
    Brave Concepts

    It would be nice to have Ronnie WEEKLY.

  • Silver Works
    Silver Works


  • Karl Hurtig
    Karl Hurtig

    I think the Swedish team has an unproportional amount of Black athletes even. Let's just face it, given equal oppotunities, being black is just better. Personally I think it's bcz their other head is so much bigger, but what do I know.

  • Jordan Hinshaw
    Jordan Hinshaw

    Ronny Chuang is the MAN

  • Cyndi Bailey
    Cyndi Bailey

    Wait my name is Cyndi B...

  • Ben Malsky
    Ben Malsky

    This is just not for me

  • Ben Malsky
    Ben Malsky

    People still read books. Trust me

  • John Orosz
    John Orosz

    "This caption makes me look rich and popular." Spot on Mr. Ronny, that's why I don't use instagram, full of people just wishing they looked that way.

  • Moon Nugget
    Moon Nugget


  • wally🐳

    He talks like Trevor alil bit

  • Rabin upadhaya
    Rabin upadhaya

    Now this is what you expect from these actors...!!! This is one of the best topic. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ms Sunshine
    Ms Sunshine

    Sad but true Hilarious but true

  • will g
    will g

    Nice video!!!!!!!!

  • Sir Kid
    Sir Kid

    I love this dude, always watch anything he puts out. The funny thing is everything he said in this skit is stuff people and businesses actually do,

  • J quinn
    J quinn

    So informative 😁


    Hilarious 😂 But if you think 🤔 of the Academic Scandal (Rich People’s Problems) Fiction & Fact, Hard to Separate!!!!

  • Joyce Belfort
    Joyce Belfort

    lol 😂 kind of sad though, usually people who can get things done can’t BS their way through the system

  • Impeach Biden
    Impeach Biden

    How to lie on the internet? Just mimic Trevor

  • james chan
    james chan

    the 45th President of the United States proves that you can say anything on the Web and many people will believe it all.

  • Ariana Marvelous
    Ariana Marvelous

    Bitcoinsamurai are lifesavers! Just when I thought about quitting a job I really love and be thrown into uncertainty I found them and it initially did come off as a side gig. It pays as much as my boss does for less work.

  • Tiffany Anderson
    Tiffany Anderson

    I love the lower third for his MSNBC job: We found more racism!🤣🤣

  • WanderingHermit

    I don't need this. I went to Oxford, and I am a millionaire!!!!!!

  • Matsepo Ramaboli
    Matsepo Ramaboli

    Ronny, you are a "bomb"! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jessica Wilcox
    Jessica Wilcox

    I ❤ Ronny!!!

  • Prince Planet
    Prince Planet

    Hey, I’m 5’7”, and I’m awesome !

  • udcaps

    ok mr ronnie.

  • Kajol

    sad, funny and true!

  • Joey Delaney
    Joey Delaney

    "For breakfast, I ate pizza from the night before". Am I being watched?

  • S G
    S G

    The most _impactful & creative piece_ of literature ever written... *your resume.* ❤❤

  • Rhitam

    Ronnie's an emotion😂😂🤣

  • nuanced

    Love watching Ronny

  • Tanya Walters
    Tanya Walters

    He is too funny. Great segment! Have to admit makes me glad I'm not single

  • espo espo
    espo espo

    "We found racism." Funny.

  • youjo senki
    youjo senki

    Funny part everythink his said is true

  • parker

    Free Palestine

    • S G
      S G


  • Nolwazi Mkhatshwa
    Nolwazi Mkhatshwa


  • Akinyi Okoth
    Akinyi Okoth

    Actually this was educational. Yes, I had the coughing fits from laughing.

  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson


  • Akinyi Okoth
    Akinyi Okoth

    A Ronny Chieng video! Is this even fair!? I know I am about to have coughing fits from laughing. Well thank you very much, you might send me to the ER. Literally killing me with laughter.

  • Tosin

  • Cursed Apocalypse
    Cursed Apocalypse

    It's easy to lie on the internet. No guide needed.

  • Femi Adegboye
    Femi Adegboye

    Creative writing = Lying. True story!

  • Seriaz Sound
    Seriaz Sound

    We need to learn how to pity rich people instead of envy them

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  • Lildspop

    Bruh Ronnie's handsome smile went full City Wok

  • Amaan Ansari
    Amaan Ansari

    The man, the myth, the legend

  • margaret G
    margaret G


  • faraz khwaja
    faraz khwaja

    Add host of a daily show, technically the truth 😂

  • M C Smith
    M C Smith

    That's hysterical! And probably true. First time I've seen Ronny. Hope to be able to watch him again.

  • Peter Wood
    Peter Wood

    More Ronny!! He’s hilarious 😆

  • AudioBooksBD


  • Kevin Luo
    Kevin Luo

    This was an amazing piece of satire. -me, political scientist and sociologist at Stanford

  • Shiva Naik
    Shiva Naik

    What we should write in you tube comments

  • Chaydon OFallon
    Chaydon OFallon

    Don't forget you can tell anyone in the comment section that you are a doctor and are right because who can actually check, especially if your name is not real. edit: spelling

  • Cindy Oser
    Cindy Oser

    Ronny is so funny when he talks all in caps!

  • Bader Aldhaian
    Bader Aldhaian

    Ronny gave us a crash course in real life!!

  • emma lee
    emma lee

    I know Ronnie in real life.

  • Phượng Nguyễn
    Phượng Nguyễn

    Love this show so much!

  • Oh Ronny that's how you got the role as Jon Jon in Marvel's Shang-Chi

  • Marlene Mcgovern
    Marlene Mcgovern

    I would rather be just me. Not begging for likes, no need for validation. Been tricked by others on internet just so those can get their kicks. Keepin it real 😎🤙

  • Godzilla Mothra
    Godzilla Mothra

    so true...