What Free S**t Can a COVID Vaccine Get You? | The Daily Show
Sure, keeping you and your loved ones safe is a good reason to get vaxxed, but free s**t? 🤘🤘🤘 Vaccine incentives are here and Michael Kosta is on a mission to see what he can score.

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  • Tyheim Brown
    Tyheim Brown

    I’m assuming we’re getting a sticker for free if we get vaccinated

  • Gary America
    Gary America

    This is a scamdemic, In a real pandemic, you wouldn’t have to beg and bribe people!!!

  • Megan 90
    Megan 90

    Americans are thick! 😒😂

  • LastAccount Decapacitated
    LastAccount Decapacitated

    are you kidding people are bargaining their lives for a krispy kreme hunker

  • Mira

    We don’t have do this and bribe people like 5 year old kid if they stop acting like 5 year old and just get vaccinated , this is just sad 😒

  • Ratko Mladić
    Ratko Mladić

    *Sell your soul for a side of fries*

  • Gary America
    Gary America

    In a real pandemic, you wouldn’t have to beg and bribe people!!!

  • Steve Soma
    Steve Soma

    FAKE...PAY ME $1000

  • Abel Ramos
    Abel Ramos

    The Daily Big Pharma Show with Trevor Noah isnets.info/main/jZWYq3aXp4ijgsk/v-deo.html

  • Amin Zarei
    Amin Zarei

    -US bought all the vaccines in the the world -People in us don't want vaccines. -Meanwhile people are dying on other countries. -New mutations are coming ..... Aliens looking at Human species : °_°

  • Crazyreviewer123

    I got a 9 inch black GPX portable DVD player my dad surprised me since I was sore and wasn’t 100% he even put it inside the freezer just like how the vaccines are kept in the freezer so that was a nice surprise

  • yashvi sharma
    yashvi sharma

    It's a little sad to see people getting stuff for being vaccines in the U. S. A whereas people around the world are not getting it, even when they are ready to pay all they have. 😔😔

  • Bean town Bud connect
    Bean town Bud connect

    Wonder why they would be giving away free stuff just to get you to take a vacc? Nothing to see here folks lol

  • macgun-jane

    Can’t believe they need to bribed to save their and others lives

  • ColoradoChris


  • Shaun James
    Shaun James

    sokal squared

  • der da
    der da

    How much do i need to pay to get you to ship the vaccine to me? ... shut up und take my money

  • Ming Yan
    Ming Yan

    compared with this, I like the girl,Desi, I guess, or Daisy, better.

  • C F
    C F

    No experimental gene therapy for me. You all can have extra and double protect yourselves by taking more

  • Diane Boyd
    Diane Boyd

    I'm done with him... 😂😅🤣🤣

  • juul cat
    juul cat

    Love how desperate the Left is to bribe the public. A shot you need SO BADLY, you have to beg the public with money and a $3 side of fries to get them to take it. 😂😂🤣

  • Emre Oyunsever
    Emre Oyunsever

    What a coincidiance Texas is ready to forbid wearing masks :D

  • Random Human
    Random Human

    A nation that pays its citizens to get vaccinated speaks a lot 😂😂

  • Dat Saints Kid
    Dat Saints Kid

    Think big 🏥

  • Dat Saints Kid
    Dat Saints Kid

    You see what I’m talkin bout

  • kk 5579
    kk 5579

    Ppl who take the vaccine and watch Utopia after: 👁👄👁

  • kk 5579
    kk 5579

    I don’t think there has ever been something advertised as much as this vaccine in human history

    • Max Amillion
      Max Amillion


  • G

    It crazy to think some Americans queue up to get free stuff, meanwhile poor counties queue up to get their families cremated.

  • A tad Bit edgy
    A tad Bit edgy


  • Erica Watson
    Erica Watson

    I got $100 from my job!

  • Don Dood
    Don Dood


  • Penny Black
    Penny Black

    Yasss hilarious!

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson

    No prize needed -- I'm alive and not infecting others.

  • Love Photography
    Love Photography

    People in India are dying 🤔

  • Billy Zee
    Billy Zee

    Please help President Biden defeat the Trump virus by July 4! Get you and your family vaccinated today! Vaccines for children 12 and over have been approved!

  • f4noil

    Offer a chance to win a brain because those who don't have it yet need one!

  • Jukka Miettinen
    Jukka Miettinen


  • Sidki Muwallif
    Sidki Muwallif

    given that the pandemic was a planned event, doesn't it stand to reason that the vaccine would morp into a vombie apocalypse

  • Siosifa

    Keep the "incentives" up and I'd be the most fit person in America.

  • Dee

    Nice try still want to get it and it's my choice

  • comprehensive cow
    comprehensive cow

    Most American thing I heard today

  • Zach Davis
    Zach Davis

    Amazons giving $40 and one day unpaid time per dose. Pretty decent

  • SevenThirteen713

    Disgusting AND embarrassing.

  • Orange Black
    Orange Black

    Remember when when Conservatives told us a few senior citizens deaths are a acceptable sacrifice to keep the economy running early in the pandemic? And all of the sudden, a vaccination isn't worth the risk to help get out of that deep hole the virus tore into the economy?

  • Name's Roz
    Name's Roz

    USA should give away the vaccines their anti vax. Clowns don't take to poor countries

  • Levi Blevins
    Levi Blevins

    Here in Wisconsin they were giving away a free beer chaser to go with their shot. Cause that's how we drink..... Every shot chased down with a beer.

  • KnighBot

    Hmmm so Americans need incentive to get vaccination that will save their life. At this point it seems it's be best to let natural selection decide.

    • Name's Roz
      Name's Roz

      So true

  • Jaminah Norman
    Jaminah Norman

    All clinical trails “pay” w incentives Definitely supposed to come w something free. If u didn’t get anything in return for risking your life that’s ur own fault, clearly u didn’t think u deserved anything for getting the vaccine then so don’t jump on the clinical trail pay wagon now. 😂😂

  • Calvin Account 1
    Calvin Account 1

    Where are the other 17 Cowboys?

  • Shanique Pusey
    Shanique Pusey

    Say no to drugs!👏👏👏👏👏 No to nanorobots👏👏👏👏👏 No to 'vaccines' 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Shanique Pusey
    Shanique Pusey

    😏 HDL ...no thank you! Say no to drugs!

  • Stephen Enders
    Stephen Enders

    Humans are easy to trick in groups 🤷‍♀️

  • Pierre C
    Pierre C

    Welcome to NYC... you just got S C A M M E D

  • Carrie Williams
    Carrie Williams

    How about a free magnet to stick to my arm? Yaaaaa!

  • Ross de La Rosa
    Ross de La Rosa

    Man, if only the LA metro did the two-week thing. But I think metro is still free rn? I haven't taken a bus for a bit.

  • Dean Payne
    Dean Payne

    Gotta love those empty streets go democrats for fuking up the USA. Anyway is scary these days watching children in adult bodies getting excited about some poison injection

  • Francisco Leon
    Francisco Leon

    I might as well go to Chicago to get a free haircut

  • KPepper L
    KPepper L

    The "free" cheesecake killed me 🤣. I think if you show you vaccine card at the Brooklyn Brewery... You get a free beer.

  • Paul Mccarter
    Paul Mccarter

    In India, people are climbing over each other to get vaccinated, or even have oxygen to save their loved ones.. America needs a reboot

    • C F
      C F

      You can see a video on info wars of an Indian village beating a man that tried to vaccinate them and running them out of their village. You should stop watching main stream media constantly and try some alternative news

    • Iron Hands Crypto
      Iron Hands Crypto

      It's the vaccines that are killing people. Deaths spiked massively after rollout of the vaccine there and the stopping of ivermectin. Same as Brazil. People are turning against the vaccination centres and even chasing them off in the villages. Deaths have started to go down largely because of the reinstatement of ivermectin as a treatment.

  • Cole G
    Cole G

    In Oregon they're doing a raffle with vaccinated people, per county the price is 10000 and an overall state winner of 1M.

  • Jettabusy Jackson
    Jettabusy Jackson


  • Edward Anguiano
    Edward Anguiano

    It’s nice that the government is taking care of their guinea pigs👌🏼

  • BrainyWrecker

    Give me 10k and I'll do it!

  • muzzy9267

    This is the result of participation trophies and bribes to get kids to do what is expected

    • Dutch Taco
      Dutch Taco

      Yes kids really need a jab for something which has no statistical chance of killing them

  • nelsonta00

    That is a lot of free junk food...

  • Obsidian Wolf
    Obsidian Wolf

    So you take the vaccine for 'treats' - are you human or the governments pet? Also taking advantage of the situation by profiting (advertisements from co's that endorse) for something that has killed dozens well done bright spark - take the vaccine to protect yourself and others but not before analysing what you are doing...

  • Jacqueline Bryan
    Jacqueline Bryan

    ...Hey have idea....that will be a winner with vaccines...how about six whole month free light & gas bill!!..u would definitely see the lines triple for vaccines 😃

  • turtleark

    People are choosing beggar.

  • Kill Yaself
    Kill Yaself

    How about free rent for a yr?

  • KingMatt 99
    KingMatt 99

    F the vaccine

  • anisa osman
    anisa osman

    so this shows america has no values. they can be bought for anything.

  • Dny Nyd
    Dny Nyd

    Shove your vaccine

  • Soprano2019


  • Anonymous Username
    Anonymous Username

    mad sus that they tryna bribe ppl mad hard to take this thing

  • mirbramo94

    She has peace of mind of feeling safe in the city. Yet is wearing a giant mask. hmm yeah alright. Virtue signaling at its best.

    • mirbramo94

      @Yibambe It’s like saying I’m not going to drive because I want to give people who question if I have a license peace of mind.

    • Yibambe

      She's wearing a mask for others' peace of mind, but it seems no one who uses the term "virtue signaling" understands the concept of empathy.

    • Brian OSullivan
      Brian OSullivan

      Again, wrong. It’s a vaccine, not an antidote. What the vaccine does (if you get two shots), is prevent you from hospitalization if you were to get COVID. The symptoms will be considerably milder in comparison if you get COVID without the vaccination. Although with caution, you can go outside without a mask, if vaccinated, there’s still a chance of getting COVID. It sounds as if you’re being deliberately obtuse for the sake of purposefully misinforming others who may be on the fence.

  • Michael Van Heemst
    Michael Van Heemst

    Do I get a free MAGA hat?

  • J. R.
    J. R.

    Got my first shot, immediately caused some inflammation with blood clots now forming, should be ready for the second shot soon maybe they’ll give us a burger with the free fries & soda now being generously offered! President Ronald Reagan famously stated the 9 scariest words is “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” he must be rolling over in his grave right now 🤔

  • Honeybloomgarden

    Yaaaàasss 🥰

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez

    If the virus is as deadly as they say it is, people would be flocking to get the vaccine without ridiculous incentives. This thing was politicized so hard...

  • EstablishedHeritage

    All to prepare everyone for the mark of the beast. One world governmental control. Smh. Research and wake up!

  • Hack successful
    Hack successful

    I wanna move to NY but Michale Kosta highlights the vandal watch stealing running rampant. I shall not go because of Michael Kosta

  • Otak313

    Ohio's got them beat, five weeks of one million dollars in a lottery.

  • Godzilla Mothra
    Godzilla Mothra

    only Americans can say that they are getting vaccinated to save the world.

  • Daniel Faeth
    Daniel Faeth

    What can I get for getting my small pox vaxx? Do diabetics get anything for doing their insulin everyday?

  • Rebecca Rogers
    Rebecca Rogers

    It's embarrasing that my fellow Americans have to be bribed to do what's right, and we still have people here who refuse vaccination. May as well send our remaining vaccine supply to nations that actually deserve them (e.g. India).

    • Spencer Baron
      Spencer Baron

      You ain’t giving me your depopulation shot!

  • Summer Breeze
    Summer Breeze

    Love the lady with the curls.Nice to hear an intelligent humans opinion.

  • Major Henry L.
    Major Henry L.

    ⭐️Kamala Harish has gone 62 days without a press conference regarding the border crisis ⭐️

  • Jeepers Creepers
    Jeepers Creepers

    Go to reddit under covid vaccine look for must read evidence pull up newest comments. Might just save your life.

    • Jeepers Creepers
      Jeepers Creepers

      @Yibambe just go read it

    • Yibambe

      Yes, Reddit is the ultimate verified information site....um, not.

  • CaraMarie13

    What was up with the lady at the start of the video looking startled? Like she is definitely new to this

  • Niklas bla
    Niklas bla

    Sad greetings from Europe :(

  • matt darbyshire
    matt darbyshire

    Trevor Noah has a networth of $100,000,000.00. He's in the 1%. I'm gonna bet he doesn't donate 99% of his money, and live on $1,000,000.00, which btw, is 20 years at $50,000. Aka...a "living wage".

    • RatKeeperDude

      The threshold for being in the 1% is low.

  • Da90da9

    So get vaccinated and then get obese, right😒

  • Ellie L
    Ellie L

    My state is having a lottery for vaccinated people.

  • bow brat
    bow brat

    It saves some people? Lady it saves your life foremost.

  • Apara

    The same people who are anti vaccine are the same people who will be angry when we send our vaccines over to countries that need it (like india). Human beings are a doomed species.

    • C F
      C F

      If the vaccine protects you (it doesn’t really) then why worry about those of us who don’t want the experimental gene therapy that has already killed over 10000 people. It doesn’t set off alarms when your government tries to force you to get a medical treatment? How can you not be alarmed by that?

  • học mường 28 tv
    học mường 28 tv


  • anna anna
    anna anna

    There are so many people are agree to be vaccinated,insane

  • Mosha Driscoll
    Mosha Driscoll

    There will be many opportunities to catch a free cap in TX too... in ya a**! 2nd Amendment on steroids. Let's discuss this Mr Noah. Please and thank you, sir.

  • RuMaan xlr8
    RuMaan xlr8


  • RuMaan xlr8
    RuMaan xlr8


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